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clean room high speed doors

Release time:2018-09-11

         CR - H66 clean room door quickly considering and characteristic mainly has several aspects: one is the overall design, the overall design is combined with factory, and factory together, combined with the overall logistics to traffic demand, standing in the whole plant logistics point of view to consider, this is not just appearance, but also makes logistics passage more quickly, more intelligent, more secure.Second, product selection: there are many types of quick shutter door, there are common workshop quick door and clean room quick door, different types of product configuration is different, so according to the site demand and environment customized model is very important, the correct selection is a good premise for later use.Three is the servo frequency conversion control system, and the use of LED LCD screen in both Chinese and English, can directly display the problem, can adjust the height of the door, geomagnetic induction, photoelectric, alarm, interlock system and so on.

clean room high speed doors
clean room fast doors

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