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Guauma Introduce

Release time:2017-11-16

       观马专注于物流通道设备领域,致力于为工厂提供一站式的智慧物流通道方案! 结合现代工厂:安全、无尘、密封、保温,高速通行等需求,我们将为客户订制工业门相关的优选方案,打造清洁的生产环境,带来智能、绿色安全的工厂体验。追随工业产品升级,2025智能制造趋势,观马以市场为导向,以客户为中心,专心研发,精工智造,努力做新时代的匠人。

产品定位:洁净室内快速门外用硬质快速门,冷库保温快速门, 机器防护快速门,装卸货系统设备 .

行业应用:食品饮料 , 医药化工 ,冷链物流 , 精密电子 , 汽车及零部件,轻工制造业 ,地下车库等高频通行的物流通道.

   Guauma specializes in the field of logistics channel equipment and is committed to providing integrated intelligence logistics channel solutions for factories.Combining with the requirements of modern factories, safety, dust free, seal, thermal preservation and efficiency, we are committed to customize the optimized solutions for our clients,for create a first-class production environment and bringing intelligent and green experience. Following the upgrade of industrial products and the trend of 2025 intelligent manufacture. Guauma always adheres to the market-oriented, customer-focused, and concentrated research and development.

Featured ProductInterior clean room high speed doors,External thermal insulation high speed doors,Thermal insulation high speed doors for cold storage,High speed doors for machine protection Loading and unloading equipment

Industry applicationfood & beverage,pharmacy & chemistry ,Cold chain logistics,Precision electronics

automobiles & components ,Light industry manufacturing ,underground garages anywhere high frequently opening and closing.

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