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The Aluminium insulated high speed doors

Release time:2018-05-10

The development of Aluminium insulated high speed doors

Rapid door referred to as "hard shutter, according to the different structures are divided into: turbine track, elliptical orbit to ascend, and raise several after vertical lifting and turning type, different ways of improve performance on the same, are all orbit embedded guide rail drive door plank context switches, like a railway track some straight, some winding, some rough, some steep, no matter how orbit stretching direction always all the way forward, kept plying the starting point and end point.

Talking about hard fast door you may know, in our daily life, after all, not very common, just common steel gate or sliding door and glass door, like some underground garage require high may use slippery rise door industry, basically can't see the hard fast door, actually hard shutter with less production how hard it is, not because how high technology content, just because our steel demand is not high, the performance of the door, they don't value is our philosophy at the steel doors, sliding door above the low end of the door, and no one to recommend faster hard fast door insulation performance better.

As time goes on, people's living standard, the environmental protection consciousness, and constantly improve the aesthetic ideas, so as the factory's cargo area, like the difference in temperature big cold storage area, as well as the general of underground parking garage and other places the use of ordinary steel shutter has been completely unable to meet our requirements and aesthetic view, the first is a steel gate insulation performance is poor, the sides of the door plank door between air leakage, the second is the switching speed too slow, skidded when forklift or man walked to the door and door collisions, necessary reduction etc door slowly opening ahead of schedule, usually need to wait for more than 10 seconds, greatly reduces the efficiency of logistics through,Additional switch times are also limited, do not adapt to the frequent switch of the thing flow channel, average daily switch times more than 10 times the life of the door will have an impact.Based on the above several aspects of the problem, hard fast door arises at the right moment, as if born is to make up for the shortage of ordinary shutter door, as to the switch speed, thermal insulation performance, switch times for hard fast door are not under the words, switch speed is super fast, switch frequency is super high, thermal insulation performance is super good.

Hard fast door set multiple advantages in a body, gradually favored by the market, with the continuous improvement of the performance, the price of continuous concessions, from the early use of a few foreign companies hard fast door outdoor channels, to some later indoor channels also use hard shutter, and then a large number of domestic companies use;Now look around, found the application of hard fast door in underground parking garage, precision machinery, cold chain logistics and other occasions.I believe that in time, rigid fast door will gradually replace the steel gate, widely used in our industrial plants and underground garage passage, become a part of our lives, guarding our environment and safety.

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