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Guauma high spped doors

Release time:2018-02-13

Choose high speed doors: Guauma high spped doors

      Along with the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, as well as the aesthetic progress, new factories are now hope is garden-like factory, not only look good, work the workers also comfortable, therefore require strict from design to construction, workshop in addition to the frame and wall material actually there is a very important part of industrial door is the logistics channels, especially the fast door options.

fast roll door is distributed in each corner of the factory, application is extensive, choose a suit to oneself enterprise and beautiful and durable fast roll door, need to distinguish and screen, that after all how should choose, how to distinguish good or bad?

First of all, high speed doors is composed of three parts, including the control system, the drive system and the door frame system.

1, rapid door control system: the door up and down control, including: frequency conversion system, PLC and inverter, motor, limit, button switch, infrared contraption protection device, collision prevention column, warning light, is indispensable.

2, rapid door control system, drive shaft rotation, drive the straps, including: intelligent encoder or mechanical stop: to limit the door, the door a body in the process of running up and down position in the normal operating range, the absolute value encoder in performance and easy to use degree is superior to stop, more and more widely used.

3, fast frame system: mainly include the guide rail, housings, scroll, door curtain sections, the most key, scroll scroll good ring deformation or not is a matter of fast door performance and life, in addition to infrared light electricity protection system, common has injective and correlation of two specifications, when ir is cut off, the door automatically rebound rise, rise to prevent it.

View a horse door bring owners experience and pleasing to the eye, use crystal transparent aluminum alloy curtain doors transparent clear, that is durable and strong wind resistance, through the way of non-contact winding, door plank article almost no wear and keep the fast door perennial transparency, even in frequent daily use is still bright as new, in addition to the delicate and beautiful, practical and important ways, fast door speed fast, make logistics transit time is short, to ensure dust-free workshop air quality grade, I also has insect-resistant, heat preservation, the action such as wind, sound insulation, popular with clean workshop.

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