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What should be paid attention to in the construction of Shanghai Rapid Gate Project

Release time:2019-01-04

  The unique function of the quick door system determines that the quick door must be installed to a certain extent in accordance with the standard. The Shanghai Rapid Door Project has this idea in the management.

  From the starting point of the installation of the rapid door system, it is considered to be convenient and fast, and at the same time it can not affect other people. This is on the one hand, on the other hand, it is about the construction project, and the quality of the project is decided to be used later.

Shanghai Fast Door Project

  What should be paid attention to in the construction of the Shanghai Rapid Gate project?

  1. Check if the door hole matches the fast door scale.

  2. Measuring the hole elevation, pop-up rail line and reel and left and right brackets, device roll centerline

  3. Weld the pad on the pre-embedded iron plate, fix the left and right brackets of the reel with screws, install the reel, and roll the sensitive device after the reel device

  4. Install the reducer and transmission system according to the product manual.

  5. According to the product specification device electrical control system

  6. According to the product specification, no-load test

  7. Place the curtain device installed on the reel on the reel

  8. Device guide rail: According to the plan orientation of the drawing, the two sides and the upper rail are welded to the embedded part of the wall and welded into one body, and the guide rails should be on the same straight surface.

  In general, the fast door is a system, so it is necessary to take care of all the problems. The problem will affect the whole part in one part. In order to reduce the unnecessary workload in the later maintenance and repair, strictly follow the construction requirements of the Shanghai Rapid Door Project. Seriously complete from the beginning to the end to make the fast door system reduce the fault, the use is more stable.

  Shanghai Fast Door Project has many years of construction experience and has trained a group of outstanding technical talents. All the company's engineering projects are implemented after one year of after-sales maintenance. For details, please contact us.

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