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PVC high speed doors

Release time:2019-01-04

  The zipper type fast rolling door is the leader in the current fast rolling door, and its sealing and convenience are higher than the common common fast rolling door. One of its important functions is to effectively prevent the impact of the forklift. If the forklift hits this zippered quick shutter, it will not be injured and will recover quickly. Therefore, the after-sales problem is very effective. This is a very good thing for the customer or for the manufacturer. The fast shutter door manufacturers save a lot of trouble, and the customer saves trouble. Let's talk about the advantages of the security of the fast door.

  1. There is an infrared radiation system below the two sides of the track. When the door body of the fast rolling door is in the falling process, if there is a person or vehicle passing through the doorway, the fast rolling door body will immediately rebound and rise, and the anti-smashing advantage is obvious.

  2. The pressure sensor is installed at the bottom of the fast rolling shutter. When the door is falling, if it encounters resistance, it will rise in reverse.

  3. The automatic derailing system can be installed according to the wind pressure to ensure that the fast rolling door body stops running immediately when it is impacted and automatically returns to the position.

  4. The fast rolling door control system uses a low-voltage safety power supply, and the grounding terminal is connected to a dedicated ground wire provided by the purchaser.

  Our company, Shanghai Guauma Door Industry, specializes in the production of fast-safety fast doors, quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service, so that you have no worries, all problems, we will help you solve. Customers who need fast shutter doors have to come over and come over. Our company urgently needs your support.

  Quick door, also known as fast roll door, high speed door, high speed roll door, is an industrial door that is quickly raised and lowered by PLC, inverter, encoder control (PVC material) curtain, and accurately positioned, mostly used for food, electronics, printing. For places with high environmental requirements, the main function is to play a role of rapid isolation to ensure the air quality of the workshop. Guauma Door Industry is an industrial door manufacturer specializing in the production of custom fast shutter doors and zipper fast doors.

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