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Fast door manufacturers tell you what classifications are available for clean fast doors

Release time:2019-01-04

  Quick shutter doors are usually divided into ordinary fast doors / clean fast doors / clean clean fast doors, Shanghai Guauma as a high-quality fast door independent brand manufacturers, mainly provide fast door and loading and unloading platform production, installation, after-sales one-stop service, according to Customer's different use environment, Guauma Door Industry is committed to providing customers with comprehensive design, professional selection, product configuration and other comprehensive solutions, for customers to choose the corresponding model of the clean fast door

  Part 1: General Fast Door - CR-H62 Series

  Guauma ordinary quick door is suitable for the general plant with cleanliness requirements, but the city has a high-frequency opening logistics channel.

  The characteristic is that the brush on both sides of the door rail is sealed, the brush is not easy to fall off, the curtain is embedded in the aluminum alloy windproof strip, and the wind pressure is stronger. The door frame is relatively wider and thicker, the overall structure is stable, and the segmented structure is easy to replace and maintain. The speed of opening, the frequency of opening, the space, and the cost are both balanced and cost-effective.

  Part II: Clean and fast door-CR-H64 series

  The clean fast door is an upgraded version of the ordinary fast door. It is more precise than the ordinary fast door process and has a more compact structure. It is also suitable for the high-frequency opening of the logistics channel in the clean workshop. It features good sealing and fast switching speed. Unlimited use times, good wind pressure resistance, and dust resistance. The ordinary fast door frame adopts galvanized steel, double-layer inner tank is added on both sides of the guide rail, and the gap between the two guide rails is small, effectively reducing air convection, the overall structure is compact, the occupied space is small, the frequency conversion switch is started, the switch is smooth and the noise is small.

  Part III: Clean and Clean Quick Door-CR-H66 Series

  CR-H66 type quick door - mainly used for clean workshops with high environmental requirements, and high-speed opening of the logistics channel, characterized by high sealing, good wind pressure resistance, dustproof and anti-mite.

  The clean and fast door frame tilt design helps to reduce dust accumulation; the guide rails on both sides of the quick door have almost no gaps, reducing air convection. The overall structure is compact, the space is small, the frequency conversion soft start, the speed is faster, the switch is smooth and the noise is small.

  Application scenario: clean room, clean room, general storage area, etc. (indoor logistics channel fast door)

  Cleanliness level: 10,000 => Air cleanliness level requirements <= 100,000

  Access: Forklifts, trailers, trolleys, people

  Switching times: frequently open channels (more than 50 times / day)

  Opening method: geomagnetic / radar / remote control / drawstring / input and output signals

  Special order: intelligent identification, advertising curtains, voice control switches, etc.

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