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Fast door maintenance in winter

Release time:2019-01-04

  In the winter, such items as paint will be due to the low temperature in summer and the dryness of the air, which will easily lead to different degrees of cracking, deformation and shedding.

  In the winter, the fast door is exposed to the sun and it is prone to flaking or fading. Consumers can prevent the “middle cold” by performing some simple maintenance on the quick door. For example, use protective wax or special cleaning agent to evenly spread on the surface of the quick door, then gently wipe to keep it shiny and moisture-proof. In hot weather, try not to use the cloth with water directly to clean it. , you can use some moisture-absorbing boxes, activated carbon and other dehumidification supplies. In addition, it is necessary to remove the humidity in the room in time, often using ventilation fans and ventilators to ventilate and ventilate. Indoor plants can be placed on the balcony or living room, not near the door, so as not to leak water during the watering, causing the floor to be like a wooden floor. Foaming, causing the fast door to not close.

  Secondly, because winter is also a good time for decoration, low temperature and fast air circulation are favorable factors for decoration. Therefore, many consumers buy fast doors and concentrate on this time. Experts also remind consumers that the low temperature and high heat in winter is exactly Inspect the fast door and its manufacturer's touchstone. When consumers choose the fast door in winter, they must pay attention to the following points:

  First: to select qualified products from qualified manufacturers, some fast-door manufacturers that master technical requirements, they not only have in-depth research and prevention on low-temperature climate and conditions and even worse environments.

  Second: Pay attention to the thickness of the fast door. The fast door is not thinner and lighter. The suitable thickness of the fast door is 42mm-65mm. Such a fast door is not easy to be deformed.

  Third, pay attention to the material problem of the fast door.

  Fourth, pay attention to the paint process on the fast door. The good paint process feels good, the gloss and the color are uniform. The strength and gloss can be compared with the metal paint of the car.

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