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Industrial Sectional Door

Industrial sectional doors, also known as loading dock doors, industrial lifting doors, etc. are normally applied to loading and unloading areas for security, thermal insulation and reduction of energy loss.

Industrial Sectional Door
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Model: Industrial Sectional Door

Application: Exterior 

Industrial sectional door, also known as loading dock door, industrial lifting door, warehouse bay door etc.,

consists of double-layer hot dip galvanized embossed steel panels, guide rails, torsion springs, spring 

bumpers, sealing strips, hinges, drive system, safety systems, etc. Industrial lifting door is normally used in loading and unloading areas, characterizing, high rigidity, security, thermal insulation and limitation of 

energy loss. Its best operation cycle is approximately 20 times/day.

However, if opening and closing cycle exceeds 20 times per day, high speed spiral doors will be the best

solution for you, thanks to its fast opening and closing speed, as well as its high frequently used design

(500 times/day). The opening speed of sectional door is 0.2m/s, while the spiral rapid roller shutter is


External application:

--Wind resistance: 28m/s;

Security, thermal insulation & reduction of energy loss:

--Double-layer hot dip galvanized embossed steel panels with Polyurethane (PU) foam filling, totally 40mm thickness, leading to high rigidity and thermal insulation;

-- Sealing strips made of EPDM at the top, bottom, two sides of the door and between door panels, providing excellent sealing and effectively limiting the loss of energy.

Super safety guarantee:

--Safety devices for torsion springs, cable break safety device and safety bottom edge to ensure super safety.

Emergency manual opening:

--Manually open and close the door through a chain;

Stable and easy operation and low noise thanks to the use of frequency conversion control system. 


Industrial Sectional Door

Maximum Opening Speed


Door Panel

Double-layer hot dip galvanized embossed steel panels with Polyurethane (PU); Thickness of panels 40mm

Thermal Insulation:

0.84 W/m2 Oc

Torsion Springs

Lifespan 25000-30000 times

Wind Resistance


Safety systems

Safety devices for torsion springs;

Cable break safety device;

Safety bottom edge.

Drive system

Frequency conversion control system

Power Supply

380V/ 50HZ

IP Grade



Grey, White, Blue, Red, etc.


Push button

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