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Guangde cold storage insulation fast door
 Guangde  cold storage insulation fast door

  Project Name: Renovation of Guangde Cold Chain Logistics Insulation Door

  Project Location: Minhang District, Shanghai

  Established in 2004, Shanghai Guangde Group Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in the transportation of chilled frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, third-party cold chain services and cold chain B2B deep distribution services.

  The warehouse rented by Guangde Logistics Shanghai is used to make a cold chain warehouse. The temperature in one buffer room is about 0-10 degrees, and the temperature in the refrigerator is below 18 degrees. Because the shipment is particularly frequent, the number of channels is open many times. Can not meet the fast switch requirements at all, and later added a set of heavy-duty collision doors, the use of sealing, and insulation is not satisfactory, it is recommended to replace the cold storage insulation door and cold storage insulation fast door

  Guangde logistics warehouse door renovation picture

Guangde Logistics Warehouse Door

  Reconstructed picture of Guangde logistics warehouse door

After the renovation of Guangde logistics warehouse door
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