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Dock Seal

Dock seal enjoys the characteristics of excellent sealing, isolating the internal and external environment to prevent insects, dusts, etc. from entering warehouses, and minimizing energy loss by sealing off the vehicle.
Dock Seal
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Model: Dock Seal

Brand: Guauma

Dock seals are utilized to prevent external dust, insects ect., from entering warehouses during the process of loading and unloading, and to isolate the internal and external environment, helping keep the inside environment clean and minimize the loss of energy.

Guauma offers inflatable dock seals, dock seals and dock shelters to meet different requirements and

environments. We specialize in providing our clients with the most suitable solution, based on various 

site conditions and truck sizes, committing to assisting you build a safe, highly efficient and sustainable

loading unloading bay. 

1.  Maintenance free, high tenacity, lasting and durability; 

2. Excellent seal, isolating the internal and external environment, with the purpose of preventing dust,

    bad weather and energy loss by sealing off the vehiclle. 

3. Trucks and trailers must be the same size, then customize the dock seals to fit your vehicle.


Dock Seal

Standard Dimension

2400mm(W)X 2700mm(H)


Galvanized steel frame

Surface Material

Imported ultra wear-resistant polyester fabric with

yellow warning strips

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