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UN factory fast Door Installation
UN factory fast Door Installation

  Project Name: Unilever Clean and Quick Door Installation

  Project Location: Meishan, Sichuan

  Unilever Sichuan Meishan production base mainly produces toothpaste, oral hygiene products, sprays, sterilization products and so on. The overall factory standard is very high, and the requirements for cleanliness, sealing, dustproof and frequent switching of the production workshop are high.

Clean fast door

  Shanghai Guauma Door Industry is a self-owned brand fast door manufacturer, focusing on the fast door field, providing fast door and loading and unloading equipment integration services, one-stop solution to solve all the fast door requirements of the factory logistics channel, from the overall design plan, professional Selection, installation and after-sales. Hotline: 400-168-0560!

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