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  Maintenance is different from after-sales service, paying more attention to long-term use, reducing fault repair, extending service life and saving maintenance costs; not only for Guauma's own fast door and unloading equipment, but also similar products from other manufacturers.

  Guauma's slogan is: higher speed, more durable, more economical, so it attaches great importance to the usual maintenance and regular maintenance, which can also reduce the fault repair, ensure the high speed of the logistics channel, and also reduce the maintenance cost.

  The main aspects are as follows:

Product overhaul Check for equipment failures, eliminate and judge problems.
Parts replacement Stocking, repair and replacement of equipment parts.
Regular maintenance Each equipment is regularly inspected and maintained twice a year or four times a year.
product upgrade The existing equipment is upgraded after one year of use.

  Recruitment Southwest and Northeastern Installation and Maintenance Personnel: With the continuous expansion of domestic business, in order to respond more quickly to customer needs and higher economic benefits, we are looking for after-sales engineers and installation teams in the southwest and northeast regions.


  Have more than 2 years experience in soft curtain fast door, hard high speed door, unloading platform and other equipment installation.

  Received 7 days of installation service training from Guauma and installation manual requirements.

  Have a business license for more than one year, resident in the southwest, northeast, preferably Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang.

  A team of workers with more than three workers is required. The person in charge of the project requires a college degree or above and a major in mechanical and electrical engineering.

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