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Machine protection fast door
The machine protection fast door is mainly used in the robot room to isolate the machine from touching the outside world and protect people from unnecessary damage to the machine.

  Machine protection fast door

  Machine protection fast door signal input and output induction, fully automatic mode opening and closing, can be linked with the matching design to protect the safety of personnel and machine, while isolating welding materials and reducing noise.

  Door opening speed: 1.0m / sec Closing speed: 0.75m / sec

  Service life: 100,0000 times Switching times: about 500 times / day

  Opening method: radar / remote control / infrared / manual button / signal input and output, etc.

  ★ High precision positioning, high stability, high frequency switching.

  ★ Input and output signals, and a variety of opening and closing methods, linked with the supporting equipment.

  ★ Motor reducer integration, variable frequency soft start design, smooth switching and low noise.

  ★ Wireless security bottom + safety light eye to ensure safe and worry-free.


  Robot welding room, machine shop, production line channel, roller transport logistics port, etc.


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