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Clean room high speed door
Brand: Guauma Model: CR-H66Application Overview: The clean room fast door is mainly for the clean workshop.

  Clean and clean fast door

  The dust-free clean fast door is mainly used in workshops with a clean level of 100,000 and above. The cleanliness level is usually: thousand grades → 10,000 grades → 100,000 grades → million grades; the smaller the number, the higher the environmental cleanliness requirements. The smaller the number of particles with particle diameter greater than or equal to 5um (pc/m3), the shorter the opening and closing time of the dust-free clean fast door, the reduction of the internal and external air convection, and the improvement of the traffic efficiency. At the same time, the sealing design on both sides is almost seamless. The sealing performance is greatly enhanced.

  Door opening speed: 1.5m / sec Closing speed: 0.75m / sec

  Service life: 100,0000 times Switching times: about 600 times / day

  Opening method: proximity switch / mushroom head / radar + button, etc. (automatic induction, automatic hand integration)

  ★ High frequency operation, high speed switch, high sealing.

  ★ Reel, motor with cover, control box and door overall IP rating 56.

  ★ Two-way rail tensioning structure design, wind pressure resistance performance 50pa.

  ★ Compact and solitary appearance, anti-ashing, easy to clean and save space.

  ★ Safety bottom edge + safety light eye standard, optional multi-pair light and grating, safe and worry-free.

Clean and fast door

  Food and beverage, precision electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical, automotive parts, cold storage, light industry manufacturing, etc.

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