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Insulation high speed door
Brand: Guauma Model: EX-H46
Application Overview: The high speed door is mainly for the cold storage.; it can also be used as a PVC high speed door.

cold storage door

  The cold storage insulation quick door is suitable for low temperature environmental logistics channels with temperatures below 5 degrees. It can be frequently switched and has certain insulation performance; when the temperature difference between the two sides of the door is larger, the air convection is reduced, energy loss is reduced, and frost formation is prevented. The door frame guide rail adopts zipper structure, has good air tightness, and runs faster and more smoothly; the curtain curtain is single, double layer is optional, the thermal conductivity is low, and the door body is heated around, which is a cold storage heat preservation designed for low temperature environment. Quick door.

  Door opening speed: 1.2m / sec Closing speed: 0.75m / sec

  Service life: 100,0000 times Switching times: about 450 times / day

  Opening mode: geomagnetic / radar / remote control, etc. (manual button + automatic sensing)

  ★ Dual-axis drive system, the rise and fall speed is faster.

  ★ Sturdy zipper strips that fit into tight, compact rails for seamless operation.

  ★ Good sealing, isolated cold air outflow, wind load: 7-8 wind speed

  ★ Safety bottom edge + safety light eye standard, optional multi-pair light and grating, safe and worry-free.

Cold storage fast doorCold storage fast door parameter

  -25 ° C to 5 ° C low temperature storage, refrigerator, high frequency open logistics channel.


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