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Hard high speed door
Brand: Guauma Model: EX-H86
Application Overview: The hard door fast door is mainly for the external exit passage of the clean workshop. Its aluminum alloy door can resist strong wind pressure; it can also be used as a security door.

high speed door

  The external hard fast door is mainly for the external exit passage of the clean workshop. The hard aluminum alloy door panel has strong wind pressure resistance and can also be used as a security door. The door body spiral track structure has no friction between the curtains, which makes it fast and has a service life. Long, the door side is sealed with a sealing strip to ensure good insulation and isolation and reduce energy loss. This hard high-speed door is mainly used for exterior wall passages. For the consistency of the whole plant, it can be customized according to customer requirements, and the color is matched with the whole factory.

  Door opening speed: 1.6m / sec Closing speed: 0.75m / sec

  Service life: 100,0000 times Switching times: about 500 times / day

  Opening mode: geomagnetic / radar / remote control, etc. (manual button + automatic sensing)

External hard door opening method

  ★ Spiral track lifting, guide wheel rolling friction, fast switching speed.

  ★ There is no entanglement between the slats, no squeezing, long service life and keep it clean.

  ★ There are rubber seals between the rails on both sides and the door panel, which has good sealing.

  ★ Applicable to the external logistics channel of high-frequency traffic of forklifts and trailers, with smooth and low noise.

  ★ Safety hem + safety light eye standard, optional multi-pair light and grating, safe and worry-free.

External hard door parameter

  Outer access, the factory has clean requirements, need to switch immediately, the frequency of passage more than 50 times / day


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